Friday, January 29, 2010

Look on the Bright Side

Exciting News!
We've got a super fun Giveaway going on at

Keep your eye on the Prize:
Win your choice of any or our darling
Demi Style Aprons & a matching Magnet Set!

How to enter: Head on over to The Bright Side Project and answer this question.

When it comes to cooking:
Are you a Maker, a Baker or a Faker?
Sound like fun?
Be sure to answer by February 5th

What is The Bright Side Project you ask?
An inspiring website dedicated to bringing you a little bit of sunshine
into your life with daily giveaways.Here's the best part:
Giveaways are posted every single day. That's 7 days a week! Even Holidays.
At the end of each post is a fun, thought provoking question.
Post your answer and you're entered. For all the scoop check out their FAQ page.
So to get in on this Giveaway be sure to look on
The Bright Side Project ...where sunshine is delivered daily!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bellalimento Giveaway

We're delighted & oh so flattered to be a part of the Anniversary Celebration over at Bellalimento! The Hip Hostess of this splendid soiree is cook extraordinaire: Paula, who's food philosopy is "beautiful food doesn't have to be complicated".We love her attitude... and you're going love her simple & gracious approach to cooking!

Of course, what better to celebrate than with an Apron Giveaway!

That's right, we're giving away one of our New Merri Mixers! The lucky winner will receive her choice of either Sheath or Demi Style. YOU can join the party and get in one this giveaway by heading over to Bellalimento and leaving a comment! So come on over and get in on the fun.

See you there!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Top Ten Picks for 2010

With a fresh new year ahead of us, we thought we'd share the Top Ten Things we just can't live without. No bold fashion statements, no hot color palettes, no high tech gadgets. Just a list of everyday goodies we love and think you might too! Just so you know, we own each and every one of these. Some of these fabulous finds were passed on to the Darling Daughter from her Baby Boomer Mother. Other times the Daughter has clued in the Mother as she is always on the cutting edge, while Mom has sometimes already fallen off the cliff... so to speak. Hope you enjoy and if you see anything that floats your boat click on the link below below photos to see where we found it.


Hands down flat out, our favorite find. This stuff is amazing! Turns straw into silk with just a dab in the palm of your hand. Use on towel dried hair and let the magic begin! You won't believe it.


Here's a simple set of bowls that are simply indispensable! Don't think a day has gone by that these have not been put to use. Light weight, they clean up in a snap and are super multitaskers. You can use them to mix, store or serve. It's all good. Available in other colors, but we're partial to these charming cheery, retro colors!


We think flour sack towels are indeed a "must have" in any kitchen. However truth be told, the classic white can be a little... boring. But hold on ....Take a look at all the yummy colors they come in now! Who knew flour sacks could be so stylish? We've sure taken a liking to these!


A gift from the Darling Daughter, this one definitely IS the "Sharpest Knife in the Drawer." With just one more in a larger size we could almost do without all the other "dull" knives in the drawer. You should see this cut through a carrot, unbelievable. Seriously!


Somehow this soothing scent just makes everything right with the world. A little spritz on the pillow or even your PJ's and it's off to dream land. Also a lovely way to refresh closets, drawers and all kinds of linens. We love this little luxury!


OK, this should be called MIRACLE Maid! Because what is does is quite simply: Miraculous. Cleans window, mirrors, glass, chrome with only...Water. This thing really lives up to it's promises. Super absorbent, cleans everything without a single, solitary streak. Keep one in the kitchen and every bathroom and you'll wonder how you lived without it. Really, you will!


Oh, how we adore this! Without a doubt & unquestionably the best olive oils & vinegars anywhere this side of heaven. Our personal picks are the Manzanilla & Koroneiki Olive Oils and the 18 year old Traditional Balsamic & Raspberry Balsamic,but take a peek and you'll see their selection is outstanding! We're lucky enough to have one of their charming stores right in our neighborhood but lucky for you: they're also available online. Absolutely Superb!


Just like everything else, cooking means lots of prep and we've found we couldn't get through a recipe without these on hand. Measuring out your ingredients before hand makes it all so easy breezy. We have the Espresso color shown here, but check out all the cool colors also available. As they say... little things mean a lot.


If you haven't tried Bare Minerals yet...well, you simply Must! A perfect, flawless finish that's easy to apply and really does feel like you're not even wearing make up. Transforms your skin from dull to glowing with just a few strokes of a brush. The Get Started Kit is a great buy and a great way to see how remarkable your skin can really look. Absolutely love this!


So, we saw the info-mercial and apprehensively, ordered it. What a pleasant surprise! Talk about suction...this baby really delivers. Unlike the "beast" we used to own this one is lightweight, easy to maneuver and there are no dust bags to deal with. We ordered online and also received the free Steam Mop so we do think it's a good bang for your buck!

Oh, and last but not least we have to
add one more to the list. OK, so that makes 11.


Because of course we couldn't get through the day without sporting one of our hip little aprons and this one is just plain FUN!