Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just like Mom

Celebrating Mother's Day
with a Hip Hostess Apron Giveaway!

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Kristen said...

Timestamp: 2010-05-03 23:42:01 UTC

Thanks to all who entered, it was such a joy hearing all your comments.

One day we look in the mirror, catch ourselves saying something, or find ourselves doing something and suddenly it hits you... I've turned into my Mother! It's inevitable. It just happens. Mother Nature sees to that. Though we way may not readily admit to it, or whether it's big or small, we all carry a part of our Mom within us. With that thought in mind...

To get in on the Giveaway:
  • Please share a comment on what you do just like your Mom. Is there a phrase you use, a dish you serve, the way you make your bed? What ever it is we'd love to hear it.
  • Winner will receive any Apron on The Hip Hostess menu, so let us know which one would be your pick!
  • Be sure we have an email address to contact you.
Giveaway ends Monday May 3rd at 6:00PM so we can ship off the apron to the winner in time for Mother's Day.

Winner must reply by Tuesday 9:00 AM or another winner will be chosen.

Whether we know it or not...
there's a piece of our Mom in all of us.
What better day than Mother's Day to celebrate & embrace that!

In case you want to treat your Mom, or yourself...
Use Promo Code LIKEMOM at check out for 20% OFF!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

They're Hip & They're Here!


Cafe Style Aprons

We're all worked up about our latest fashion meets function Cafe Style Aprons! Designed with the working girl in mind you'll find these neat little numbers are up to the task! Whether you're a gardener, a crafter, a sewer, a vendor or one chic chef, we think you're going to adore our latest look in workwear!

We're serving them up in 4 irresistibly mod prints: Tea Garden, Black Pearl Swirl, Paper Doilies and Blonde Martini. With prints this pretty you may just decide to pick one up for your next role as Hip Hostess! Which would be perfectly appropriate and we wouldn't mind a bit!

See all the pretty prints HERE

Oh, did we mention Promo Code
CAFE will get you 20% OFF your order?
Consider it mentioned.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A bit about me and my aprons

We're linking up with my friend Sandy of

If you haven't met her, you are
absolutely going to love her.
Sandy is without a doubt what
every hip hostess aspires to be.

I adore her earthy, heartwarming and graceful
approach to entertaining. She does it all
with such understated elegance!
As you will soon see in her upcoming book!
Yes, she has a book coming out in August.
Isn't this cover just dreamy?

Sandy's hosts a weekly series called Home is...

This weeks theme is about aprons in the kitchen,
so I was delighted when she invited me to link up with her and share...

a bit about me and my aprons...

When Sandy asked for a picture of me in an apron I suddenly realized I didn't have one. Really. At least not one fit to post. Didn't think I would have the time this weekend as we were expecting company but... as I was tidying up the kitchen and calmly waiting for our guests to arrive a moment of panic set in. I had completely forgotten to make the French Apple Tarts I wanted so desperately to make. I bought all the ingredients, was all geeked up to bake, but I must have filed it in my head and then completely lost it. My baby boomer brain is losing cells by the minute I swear.
Now let me just say I love to cook but, I am NOT a baker, can't bake my way out of a paper bag so this was a huge challenge for me, but I was determined to make those darn tarts come hell or high water! I threw on my apron and figured it would all be so charming if my guests arrived while I was in the middle of baking. You know the hip hostess thing? Lightbulb moment.
I yelled to my husband "Get the camera and take a picture of me!" His reply:"What? Why?" Because hey, I had my apron on, more importantly I had make up on and I wasn't having too bad of hair day. He snapped a few shots and this one was the winner, although as Nora Ephron would say "I feel bad about my neck."

The darling daughter and I generally think alike
but she always goes for a much more glamourous approach.

I know this isn't breaking news but I love aprons and love to wear them. A lot. In fact to me being in the kitchen without wearing an apron is like driving without a seat belt. Seriously, something just doesn't feel right about it.

Do I have a favorite? Well that's kinda like asking me which is my favorite child, but if you really have to know I do admit to being slightly (OK a lot) partial to my Demi Style Black a la Mode.

As you might be able to tell from the kitchen and my wardrobe, I'm pretty much all about black and white. Here's a peek of my aprons at home.

I hate to bring up the "I" word here, but I IRON
my aprons. Go ahead call me crazy
but I'm just weird like that.

Here's where the aprons hang out
patiently waiting their turn.

A few more awaiting my attention.

A little laundry tip...
Do not, repeat Do not wash all your aprons in one load.
Oh what a tangled mess we weave!

By the way, the French Apple Tarts
didn't come out too bad!

Head on over to Reluctant Entertainer, Meet Sandy
and all the lovely ladies sporting aprons in her kitchen.
We both would love to hear all about you
and your aprons. So don't be shy, share your
comments and your photos please!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mother's Day Giveaway

Our first ever...
Mother Daughter Giveaway!

We're simply delighted and super excited to announce our first ever Mother Daughter Apron Giveaway going on at the always gracious Manner of the Month. Celebrating the women in our lives, the hostess of this enchanting event is etiquette expert and author of Manner of the Month, Mindy Lockard. She's set the scene for Mother's Day with the sweetest and most charming photos of her and her two darling daughters honoring the timeless Mother Daughter tradition of baking cookies in the kitchen. It's all an abundance of adorable!
The lucky winner of the will receive a matching Mother Daughter Apron set in Pink Mocha. To meet Mindy and her girls and get in on this irresistible Giveaway click HERE

Good Luck Ladies!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fresh Spring Greens

Time to shoo Old Man Winter and all his heavy comfort food out the door and welcome Mother Nature's  gift of green back into your kitchen! We've found some colorful, tasty ways to lighten up your menu. Any or all of these are an ideal way to perk up a everyday meal or dazzle your guests with something  simple and fresh! So go ahead and swing into Spring with a pretty plate of green!  Click on the pink links below for all the recipes. 

Asparagus with Citrus Dressing
This says Spring with a little zing!

Almond Strawberry Spinach Salad
This is just plain pretty on a plate!

Paula's Spring Pea Salad
Paula can really dish it out!

Asparagus and Pear Salad
Great way to get your fruit and your veggies.

Asian Greens Salad
Delight on  a Dish!

Berry Blue Salad
Don't you love this presentation?

Hope you enjoy.