Friday, June 1, 2012

How cool is this?

Zesty Lemon Cups

You’ll feel pretty hip serving this cool, light summer dessert that’s got plenty of WOW factor and simple prep.  Here’s the best part: you can make this a day ahead and keep frozen until you’re ready to serve, just be sure to make room in your freezer to stash them until it’s time to serve.
Lemons: Purchase 1 lemon per guest & an extra one for practice. Presentation is everything, so try to pick the pretty ones, and all about the same size.
Lemon Sorbet: About a ½ cup per lemon
Berries *optional
Cut off the top 1/3 of the lemon (not the stem end) Keep the top if you’re not using a fruit garnish and want to put a little cap on your cups.
Hollow out each lemon:
Using a grapefruit knife or spoon works best but a teaspoon will work too.  Using your spoon carefully scrape all the flesh from the shell of the lemon, being careful not to puncture the lemon.
Make a slight shallow cut on the bottom of each lemon; again be careful not to cut into the inside of the lemon. This makes your lemon cup sit up straight.
Freeze the shells overnight or at least an hour. Then fill with sorbet and freeze again.
Just before serving top with berries and add a few more on the plate for a fabulous presentation!
Hostess Hint* 
We used Lemon Sorbet & raspberries but you can really get creative with this, try Orange or Raspberry Sorbet, garnish with orange slices, a strawberry with the stem attached, or even a small cookie! For a really festive look add a cocktail umbrella!  How cool is that?


Sandy said...

Yes, these are one of my favorite desserts!
Yay, you have a blog!
Love Sandy

Restyled Home said...

Okay, this has nothing to do with that yummy recipe, but I have to say it anyway: you two are the most gorgeous mother-daughter duo ever. Honestly, it is quite unfair...!! :)

Terry said...

Oh my gosh I love your blog .
I just came across it.
I love it.
Thank you for the really cool ideas !
Happy Trails

Caryn said...

This sounds wonderful! I think I am going to try make it for my baby's bris next month! Caryn