Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A bit about me and my aprons

We're linking up with my friend Sandy of

If you haven't met her, you are
absolutely going to love her.
Sandy is without a doubt what
every hip hostess aspires to be.

I adore her earthy, heartwarming and graceful
approach to entertaining. She does it all
with such understated elegance!
As you will soon see in her upcoming book!
Yes, she has a book coming out in August.
Isn't this cover just dreamy?

Sandy's hosts a weekly series called Home is...

This weeks theme is about aprons in the kitchen,
so I was delighted when she invited me to link up with her and share...

a bit about me and my aprons...

When Sandy asked for a picture of me in an apron I suddenly realized I didn't have one. Really. At least not one fit to post. Didn't think I would have the time this weekend as we were expecting company but... as I was tidying up the kitchen and calmly waiting for our guests to arrive a moment of panic set in. I had completely forgotten to make the French Apple Tarts I wanted so desperately to make. I bought all the ingredients, was all geeked up to bake, but I must have filed it in my head and then completely lost it. My baby boomer brain is losing cells by the minute I swear.
Now let me just say I love to cook but, I am NOT a baker, can't bake my way out of a paper bag so this was a huge challenge for me, but I was determined to make those darn tarts come hell or high water! I threw on my apron and figured it would all be so charming if my guests arrived while I was in the middle of baking. You know the hip hostess thing? Lightbulb moment.
I yelled to my husband "Get the camera and take a picture of me!" His reply:"What? Why?" Because hey, I had my apron on, more importantly I had make up on and I wasn't having too bad of hair day. He snapped a few shots and this one was the winner, although as Nora Ephron would say "I feel bad about my neck."

The darling daughter and I generally think alike
but she always goes for a much more glamourous approach.

I know this isn't breaking news but I love aprons and love to wear them. A lot. In fact to me being in the kitchen without wearing an apron is like driving without a seat belt. Seriously, something just doesn't feel right about it.

Do I have a favorite? Well that's kinda like asking me which is my favorite child, but if you really have to know I do admit to being slightly (OK a lot) partial to my Demi Style Black a la Mode.

As you might be able to tell from the kitchen and my wardrobe, I'm pretty much all about black and white. Here's a peek of my aprons at home.

I hate to bring up the "I" word here, but I IRON
my aprons. Go ahead call me crazy
but I'm just weird like that.

Here's where the aprons hang out
patiently waiting their turn.

A few more awaiting my attention.

A little laundry tip...
Do not, repeat Do not wash all your aprons in one load.
Oh what a tangled mess we weave!

By the way, the French Apple Tarts
didn't come out too bad!

Head on over to Reluctant Entertainer, Meet Sandy
and all the lovely ladies sporting aprons in her kitchen.
We both would love to hear all about you
and your aprons. So don't be shy, share your
comments and your photos please!


Becky K. said...

Loving that black and white apron!!!

The apple tarts look fabulous too.

Thanks for sharing...
I'll look forward to visiting here again.

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Diana said...

I iron my aprons too! :) And I have been wondering, where do you get the nice heavy fabric for your aprons? Is it home-dec weight? Or do you just find a nice heavy cotton somewhere? I absolutely LOVE looking at all the pictures of your aprons--love, love all the colors and styles. Keep 'em coming!

Sara said...

Great post! I LOVE seeing you in your apron. We Do have to have a talk about you ironing your aprons.......(tee-hee)

Lisa said...

I love your black and white apron! Very cute!

the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

Stopping in from Sandy's. What a FANTASTIC black and white apron!!! Love it!

Sandy said...

Oh my goodness, you are TOO kind.

HIP H aprons are my favorite, YES!

Great post. You are too cute! Thanks for linking up at RE today!

Richella said...

Oh, gosh, what BEAUTIFUL aprons! And a lovely picture of you, I might add! What is it about tying on an apron that just makes you feel more feminine? more productive? less like you're losing brain cells?

From one boomer to another: you go, girl!

Richella said...

Arrggghhhh! I just left a comment, but I wasn't properly signed into Blogger. Now I'm signed in. This is the real me.

What was that I said about brain cells? I need to put on an apron.

Adelle said...

Oh, a nice ironed and starched apron is SO MUCH MORE FUN!

I iron mine, too. Love this post!

Xtend Workout said...

Too funny! I never iron my aprons... just throw it on and I am ready to go! Looking good in that apron Mom:) xx

Tara G. said...

I didn't think anyone would NOT iron their apron! :)

Kirstin said...

Your aprons are so fun! One of these days I will buy one (C:

Love your post, beautiful pictures and the tarts look so yummy

Kelli said...

Yes...I iron mine too!!
Thanks so much for stopping by my place today!! It's a real honor hearing you like my aprons.
Of course, yours are amazing and I love all of them!!
It's a pleasure meeting up with you through RT as well!!
Happy Apron Day!
Kelli @ SustainingCreativity

The Hip Hostess said...

Wow, apparently I'm not the only who has a thing for ironing aprons! So nice to hear and so nice to be in such good company. Thank you ladies!

Betsy said...

What a fun post! You are too cute in that apron!

And I agree that Sandy is the best! :)

Tammy@InStitches said...

I just posted mine. I love it !

Housewife Bliss said...

I knew I wanted one of your aprons, but now I KNOW I want one. For what ever reason, I had no idea you had a blog, glad I found you in bloggy land, will be back for more. Off to check out the link you suggested.

Marialexandra said...

You look great and of course, I LOVE all the aprons! I am bias; "my" pattern looks amazing hanging in your kitchen (the merry mixer patter). I'm totally in love with my Hip Hostess apron, its got me cooking, not every day, but cooking, which is a BIG deal for me.

Kate said...

I could gaze at your aprons all day they're just so pretty!

I love that we can look pretty in the kitchen.

Right now I am wearing one and the neck strap thingy keeps coming undone. If I can find my stapler I'm going to staple it together!

Mindy Lockard Etiquette said...

Debbie, what a fun post! I'm so happy I popped by to see you in action! I love my hip hostess kitchen aprons and utility apron. I recently chatted with a friend that I gave one of your aprons to and she commented on how flattering they are. I couldn't agree more! I have an apron wardrobe from before we met, and I simply don't know that they will ever be worn again as they simply don't fit as well, or make me feel well hip! I do hope you will keep up your blogging. I love it!

Holly said...

I have seen your apron creations...too cute! I {heart}this black and white one! I loved Sandy's theme for this week...fun stuff! I contend that aprons make me a better cook/baker...or at least I look better.
504 Main

Laura said...

Rebecca and I NEVER bake together with out our matching mother/daughter ones you sent us! We love them everytime we put them on!

Kristin said...

I iron my aprons too!! I have an apron collection and I like all my girls to look pretty and fresh!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

so cute! Im in love with your aprons! Im a new follower :)

Sarah from 20somethingcupcakes said...

Love the black and white! And isn't it funny, I never had an apron either. The other day my boyfriend bought me the cutest one from WS - pink with 3 little cupcakes. It's a kid's apron, but no one needs to know! xxSAS

Amanda said...

YOU are adorable!! And I love your kitchen. And guess what??? I am off to order an apron. FROM YOU! ;)


Seymour said...

Lovely blog. Cooking apron is very cute with pink color. Pink is my favorite color. Good one.