Monday, March 5, 2012

Garnishing Your Products

If you own a budding business that you're striving to grow into a booming, blooming bouquet, here's some FYI from yours truly and I'm delighted to add... a guest post from Denise at Rapid Tag & Label, the maker of all my tags and labels.

I think Presentation is everything.
It's your image, your style, your signature,
and so to speak...your "garnish."

Tags and labels on your product are the finishing touch you put on all your labors of love and creative efforts. Rapid Tags has been helping me put the hip look on my products from the very onset of The Hip Hostess.

Starting out as a very new and very small business owner, Rapid Tags treated me with the same dedication and effort they give to their big clients, providing me not only with ideas and info, but Denise and Ursula consistently accommodate my needs and with speedy replies and outstanding communication. I think working with a company that "gets you" is an invaluable tool to achieving the look you're going for and your path to success. Rapid Tags is all that!

Denise speaks volumes when she says...

It’s all about the garnish!

It’s not enough just to be able to cook like a professional chef. All of your time, effort and money won’t mean a thing if you serve a decadent chocolate mousse pie on a paper plate. The saying goes “God is in the details”. Without adding a beautiful serving plate, whipped cream and chocolate shavings it’s just another piece of pie.

The same theory applies with clothing and apparel design. A clever idea will fall flat without paying close attention to the additional trims that can add pizzazz to anything. Buckles, buttons, zippers and clothing labels may not seem all that important but they embellish your brand. They tell customers who you are and about the quality of your merchandise. They make your apparel or design stand out from the rest.

Rapid Tag & Label has been providing The Hip Hostess with their woven logo labels, care/fiber content labels and hangtags for years.

The Hip Hostess damask woven brand label looks elegant in simple black and white and is perfect to accompany any pattern or color pallet. The labels are sewn on the outside and are part of the Hip Hostess’ unmistakeable look. The satin printed labels are sewn inside of all the aprons to offer the fiber content, country of origin and care of the apron. Finally, the joker hangtag has a classic black and white glossy finish that completes the overall chic look of The Hip Hostess Collection.

We’re the garnish that help makes The Hip Hostess more than just an apron company. Please visit us at www.RAPIDTAGS.

~Denise Newton of Rapid Tags & Labels


Sheila @E2gather said...

I agree. When I received my apron from you in the mail the packaging was so beautiful and fun I gasped! I says that you care about what you do from beginning to end! love it.

in central NJ said...

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Thank You