Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome to The Dish

Delighted to have you here!

That's right...The Hip hostess has finally entered the blogosphere and we plan to bring you all the "dish" with a little slice of hip! 

Hip: Very fashionable or stylish.  Keenly aware of or knowledgeable about the leatest trends or developments.

Ok, we're no fashion mavens, but we love high style and we love aprons, have you guessed as much?  We're always on the hunt for must-have fabrics, dreaming up fresh designs and then combining it all to bring fashion and function into our aprons styles.  No longer dismal kitchen attire, APRONS ARE HOT and no matter how you look at it,  they're just plain fun!

Hostess: a woman who invites, welcomes, and entertains guests, often providing them with food and drink.

That's it!  No mention of perfectly decorated homes, gourmet cooking or stunning table settings.  Classy doesn't mean expensive.  We think simplicity is key to great style!  Whether you're a Single Lady, Stay at Home Mom, or Working Girl we're here to help you conquer any "hostess anxiety" and enjoy entertaining in your own abode,  be it your house, apartment or tiny, little flat.  We'll be sharing easy breezy tips, ideas and recipes to make you totally The Hip Hostess!

Dish: to give a lot of information about something or someone, especially something that would usually be secret or private.

Oh yes, we'll be dishing it out!  We'll keep you posted on what's in the works, share updates with you on sales, and special offers and tell you how to get in on our great giveaways.

Welcome...we hope you enjoy!