Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's your Salad Style?

The Hot (and I mean HOT!) Summer weather we've been having up here in the North Country has got me into Summer salad mode and searching for some cool, new salad recipes. Which got me to thinking about all the different ways to serve salad...

Adhereing to the "play it safe" policy that simple is always best, salad has always been served at our house on chilled clear glass plates a la restaurant style. Now that's for guests, for everyday salads it's in a salad bowl & then onto the dinner plate. Like I said, I like simple.
My french mother-in-law always serves the salad last! Right after the main course but before dessert. And always, always with a plated arrary of cheese. I guess it's french thing. After a few years and lots of meals at the in-laws I started to follow her lead, I mean after all... she was french! It seems the French have it right when it comes to serving salad. A fresh plate of greens with a bit of brie after a meal is surprisingly refreshing and our guests seem to love this reverse approach to serving salad. One more culinary tip to thank my mother in law for.

After scouring the net for fresh looks for salad plates, decided it's time to ditch the clear plates for awhile and branch out a bit. Check below to see all the slick salad plates I found and let me know what you think! Click on the pink links below each photo for where to find.

You can't go wrong with clean and white.

What about a fresh fruit salad on these?

Adore this natural look.

These are so transitional, can see them in Winter or Summer.

Lovely for a ladies luncheon, don't you think?

Salad or Sushi would both work here.

Loved the pop of red on this one.

Wouldn't these look smashing with yellow linens?
Would love see these on a red checked tablecloth.

I'm such a sucker for Shabby & Chic, when I came across these I fell head over heels.
So... here are my new Salad Plates. Aren't they dreamy?

What's Your Salad Style?

How do you serve salad at your house? Individual bowls? One big salad bowl? On a plate? Do you serve with the meal or as a separate course?