Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Simple Summer Napkins

Here's a simple DIY project
to dress up your Summer table.

I started with these.
Cotton Dish Towels. Yes... Dish Towels.
I think 100% Cotton works best for making napkins.
I actually picked 4 of these up at the Dollar Store.
Each towel will make 2 napkins.
$4.00 for 8 napkins, how's that for a deal?

Fold each towel in half and cut along the fold.

Now you've got 2 pieces with one unfinished edge.

Fold the unfinished edge over 1/2 inch.
Then fold over 1/2 inch again.
Press and sew down the hem.

If I've completely lost you using the word SEW...
You can easily use iron on fusible hem tape.

Easy breezy. Pretty and practical.

Cotton dish towels wash up easily, and the more you
wash them, the softer they get.
They come in so many colors and patterns
the possibilites are endless.
So grab a towel and and set the table!

Monday, June 6, 2011

30 Days in June...

It's Summer time and the living is easy.
And so is entertaining.
For the month of June, my friend and author, Sandy Coughlin of Reluctant Entertainer has some very hip tips, tricks and ideas for simple Summer Entertaining.

Sandy shares her inspiring ways of turning your outdoor space into a welcoming place to entertain and enjoy your Summer guests.

With Sandy, it's always... all about simple and fresh!
Just my style.
Be sure to stop by. You are going to love all the lovely.