Sunday, May 10, 2009

Do you know what the day after Mother's Day is?

It's National Wear Your Apron Day! Yes, there is actually is a day where wearing your apron is totally hip! So ladies, go ahead and tie one on! 
If you happen to own a Hip Hostess apron  there's no reason not to show it off today, they are after all... just flat out fashionable!
Why not head off to the fruit market in jeans and cheerful Cherry Me, stop in at the coffee shop wearing cool white capris and hot Espresso Swirl, give them something to talk about when you show up at work in basic black adorned with classy Black ala Mode, make an entrance at the PTA in white jeans and dazzling  Pink Sorbet,  take the kids out for ice cream in comfy sweats prettied up with Chocolate Mint, or meet up with the girls in a sweet pink tee topped off with Pink Licorice
Now we wouldn't dare to suggest that you wear your apron as everyday attire (well, yes maybe we would) but come on, it is Wear Your Apron Day. Will you get some looks? Probably. Compliments for sure... "Oh,what a trendsetter you are!"  So ladies, before you head out the door, grab your hip little apron and show off your totally Hip Hostess look all day!