Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Simple Strategies for a Sparkling 4th

Everyone that knows me knows my motto is 
"Keep it Simple"

We don't all have the time or the talent to pull off those lavish looks, or stunning soirees we see in "Never Never Land" (aka Pinterest) so with SIMPLE being the keyword... here are some (really, truly) simple ways to add some sparkle to your 4th of July Bash.

For Starters...
Create some fireworks of your own.

"Sunday Picnic" is a perfect fit for the 4th.
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Yes, I know. Shameless self promotion.
On to the party...

 Canning jars are like a blank canvas. Add some backyard blooms, dig into your craft stash. Make up just one or a multitude of your own creations and you've got instant homespun charm! 

On the Menu?
Again with the simple... Burgers & Hot Dogs 
But here's how to add a little interest.

Jazz up plain burgers with unexpected condiments.
How about... 
 Caesar Spread or Spiced Tomato Chutney?
Here's 12 Creative Burger Toppings from

3 Ways to Dress Up a plain Hot Dog from again
including this tasty tropical version.

Mix up a batch of 
and say Cheers to Independence!
Nix the Vodka for a virgin version.
Little effort, Big Impact.

via Real Simple
How's this for Clever?
Pop a Popsicle Stick into the rind of Melon Wedges.
And to keep it all clean...

Kids eating watermelon slices on sticks
via Real Simple
 Cupcake Liners!

via Food Network
And for the Grand Finale...   
Fruit Flag Tarts
I'm of the opinion that presentation is everything and this one is so all that!

 Here's the super simple Recipe from Food Network. If you're really pressed for time, I'm thinking Vanilla Pudding would be a tasty alternative to the Mascarpone. 

A few more Hip Tips...
  • Keep things organized on your buffet table by stashing your cutlery in terra cotta pots, small galvanized buckets, or canning jars.
  • Make a quick dash to the fabric store & pick up some festive fabric. (I like simple gingham because it can be used all Summer long) Cut 12" wide strips for table runners on guest tables and or your buffet table. Best part? No sewing required.
  • To avoid watered down punch instead of adding more ice cubes, place your punch bowl or pitcher in a bowl or bucket of ice.
  • Use a colorful colander to hold ice or watermelon with a tray beneath to catch the drips.
  • Dollar Store bandanas make super Summer napkins and will serve you well for many Summers to come. 
  • Here's a great way to cool off your guests on a steamy day and believe me they'll be so grateful & impressed!  Pick up a few sets of inexpensive white washcloths.  Roll up & moisten them, then stash in the freezer. Serve them up on an ice lined tray with lemon slices to wash away the heat of the day. For extra indulgence: Mix a few drops of lavender oil & distilled water in a spray bottle. Give the washcloths a nice spritz before you present them to your guests. 

 Here's to a Festive 4th & a Happy Independence Day!

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burlap+blue said...

LOVE every one of these tips! The mason jar/burlap flowers are so lovely, yet so simple! xo